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Real physical assets

Du hast die Wahl - Mit heygold investierst Du in echte Sachwerte wie Gold, Diamanten, Classic Cars und mehr.

simple & flexible

With just a few mouse clicks and no industry knowledge, you can invest in real assets with heygold – around the clock

inflation protection

Secure your capital - An investment in real assets serves as a stable anchor for your portfolio and protects your capital from inflation


Minimize your overall investment risk - physical assets are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Simply and digitally invest in crisis-proof assets

With the heygold platform, it is impresentably easy to invest in crisis-proof physical assets. Because at heygold you can already invest in various real assets with small budget and benefit from the lucrative growth markets.

Whether you invest in gold, gemstones, real estate, vintage cars, forest and pasture land or in works of art, heygold shows you how to divide even small budgets into multiple alternative investments.


What are crisis-proof assets and why should you invest in several at the same time?

Crisis-proof real assets are alternative investments which, compared to classic investments such as equities, have a comparatively high value stability. Thus, an investment in physical assets such as gold, precious stones, classic cars, works of art or real estate is ideally suited to protect one's own capital from the sequential consequences of inflation.

The reason for this is obvious: in contrast to cash or account balances, physical assets have a direct value substance and are therefore largely independence from the fluctuations in the monetary value. Even if you have made a very solid investment with your investments on the heygold platform, you should still never put everything on one card. Sezzle your capital, take advantage of heygold's wide offering and build your own portfolio of physical assets to minimize your investment risk.

Inflation protection through physical assets

Performance of gold

(2016 – 2020)

+ 35%

Loss of purchasing power

(2016 – 2020)

- 5,5%

It is thanks to the EU's expansive monetary policy that day deposit accounts are no longer suitable for investment. Due to persistent inflation and the reduction of the key interest rate to zero percent, savers have not been able to protect their capital from the consequences of inflation in this way for more than five years. The situation is different with a investing in classic physical assets.

The gold price has risen by around 35 percent in a 5-year comparison. Anyone who invested in real estate five years ago has recorded an average value increase of 39 percent in addition to any rental income. Investments in property values thus not only promise comprehensive inflation protection, but also entail a high return even beyond the annual inflation rate for investors.

Three good reasons for your investment in physical assets

real values

With heygold you do not invest in speculative business models or opaque investment products, but in real physical assets with substance


Egal ob Gold, Diamanten oder Classic Cars – Sachwerte wie diese sind überdurchschnittlich stabiler als die meisten anderen Anlageklassen des Kapitalmarkts.

inflation secure

In contrast to conventional savings models, investments in physical assets promise reliable inflation protection

Start your wealth accumulation with just a few euros

Heygold focuses on property values that promise a high degree of stability even in times of economic and political crises, that show sustainable growth and will continue to exist tomorrow. The goal is to provide you with a platform where you can choose between a average of sustainable alternative investments.

Unlike most other investment platforms, at heygold you can start with small amounts of a few euros and gradually lay your basic for your financial security. The best thing about it: Small investors are in no way disadvantaged at heygold. Whether you invest 6 euros or 6,000 euros, you benefit with small capital to the same extent through the returns on our physical asset investments as large investors.


Due to the high material value, investors are particularly protected from the consequences of economically and politically uncertain times by adding diamonds to the financial portfolio.

With heygold you can invest in particularly high-quality gemstones even on a small budget and benefit from their increase in value.

Old- und Youngtimer

For decades, classic cars have been regarded as a stable and fast-growing investment that has proven itself several times even in times of crisis.

Even without specialist and market knowledge and with even a small capital investment, you can benefit from the growth in the value of the vehicles. The classic cars are procured and managed by experts with market experience.


Over the past two decades, the price of gold has steadily increased, provides high value stability even in times of crisis, and is used by financial experts worldwide to hedge financial portfolios.

With heygold you can invest in pure gold even with small amounts and save yourself the way to the gold trader. In addition, we guarantee the purity and safety of the gold.