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Heygold Wallet

Buy gold starting from 1€ and manage and sell your gold comfortably online or in the app

Flexible, secure and suitable for the smallest budget

With heygold you invest in gold in a modern way. Buy, manage and sell your gold directly in the smartphone app or online. We store your gold for free and guarantee safekeeping!

Gold for the smallest budget

With heygold you invest in gold and other physical assets starting from 1€!

Toll Free

We store your gold and guarantee its safety - without additional fees!

Opening hours?

Opening hours were the past! Buy and sell your gold at any time!

heygold bonus world

How does it work?

Collect gold nuggets

Store with our partners and get gold nuggets for every purchase.

Redeem gold nuggets

Convert your gold nuggets into pure gold with heygold.

Be rewarded with gold

Enjoy your gold holdings or sell your gold online at any time.

heygold Mall

Get pure gold in more than 900 partner stores

Together we achieve more!

Register now at heygold, become part of the heygold community and benefit from the advantages of the heygold club!

heygold Club

Exclusive deals, upcoming events - Become part of the heygold community

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