Gold investment 2.0

Buy, manage and sell gold directly online or in the smartphone app, say goodbye to opening hours and stop worrying about the safety, authenticity and purity of gold. Thanks to heygold, investing in gold and other physical assets has never been easier. Each heygold corresponds to exactly 0.1 g of pure gold. Therefore, we offer gold for even the smallest budget.

Flexible, secure, convenient... Start your gold investment 2.0 now!

Guaranteed safety

Purity, authenticity and safety of the gold... These are all worries that heygold customers do not have. Because with us you can be sure that you are buying only certified, pure gold with a fineness of 999.9/1000. The precious metal is stored for you in high-security vaults in Germany and is also fully insured. So you can be absolutely sure that your gold has been stored safely. Best of all, this service is permanently free of charge for you!

You can't buy gold more securely and worry-free than with heygold!

Why should you invest in gold and other physical assets?

Investments in physical assets are alternative investments that, compared to traditional investments such as shares, have a high degree of value stability. Thus, an investment in physical assets such as gold or real estate is ideally suited to protect one's capital from the consequences of inflation.
The reason for this is obvious: unlike cash or account balances, physical assets have a direct substance of value and are therefore largely independent of fluctuations in the value of money. Even if you have made a very solid investment with your investments on the heygold platform, you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your capital, use the wide range of products offered by heygold and build up your own portfolio of physical assets in order to minimise your investment risk.

Physical assets are very effective for building up a stable and diversified portfolio!

Inflation protection through physical assets

Gold performance

(2014 – 2021)

+ 76%

Loss of purchasing power through inflation

(2014 – 2021)

- 9,6%

Gold is one of the most stable investments of all. What's more, especially in times of crisis, the precious metal gains a lot in value. The steady increase in the price of gold offers you as an investor reliable protection against inflation and is ideally suited to bring stability to your financial portfolio.

Thanks to the EU's expansionary monetary policy, bank current accounts and even the classic savings book are no longer suitable for investing money. Due to persistent inflation and the lowering of the key interest rate to zero percent in recent years, savers can no longer protect their capital from the consequences of inflation in this way. The situation is different with an investment in classic physical assets.

The gold price has increased by around 76 percent in an 8-year comparison. Investments in gold thus not only promise comprehensive protection against inflation, but at the same time offer investors a high return even above the annual inflation rate.

Gold, like all raw materials and metals, is subject to fluctuations in value. In order to profit safely from your gold investment, you should not sell your investment again within a very short period of time. Gold is a long-term investment!

Use gold as a high-growth long-term investment!

Three good reasons for your investment in physical assets

real values

With heygold you invest in real assets with substance and can benefit from the long-term potential for value growth.


Whether gold, diamonds or classic cars - physical assets like these are more stable than most other asset classes on the capital market.

inflation secure

In contrast to conventional savings models, investments in physical assets promise reliable inflation protection

Start building your portfolio now with your first euro

The focus of heygold is on real assets that promise a high degree of stability even in times of economic and political crises, that demonstrate sustainable growth and that will also last tomorrow. The aim is to offer you a platform on which you can choose between a variety of sustainable alternative investments.

Unlike most other investment platforms, with heygold you can start with small amounts of 1 euro and thus gradually lay the foundation for your financial security. The best thing about it: Small investors are not disadvantaged in any way with heygold. Regardless of whether you invest 6 euros or 6,000 euros, you profit with small capital to the same extent as large investors through the returns of our physical asset investments.

Suitable even for the smallest budget: Start your investment from just 1€.

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