Pure gold for you and your friends!

Have you already been convinced of the advantages of heygold? Then share your experience with your friends. The best thing about it: Both you and your friends will receive pure gold for every successful recommendation!

How does it work

The way to the gold bonus is very simple:


Share your personal referral link with your friends


They can register via the referral link in just a few minutes.


If the person you have referred has bought his or her first heygold or gathered via the bonus system, you will receive a gold bonus of 300 gold nuggets!

We double the first investment!

It has never been easier to recruit friends. Because we double the first heygold purchased or collected via the bonus system and thus grant a bonus of up to € 10.

Become a heygold Ambassador!

Want to get even more gold by referring friends? Nothing could be easier! Convince at least 5 people of the advantages of the heygold world and get access to the heygold Ambassador Programme. As such you get:

Erhalte 5€ Sofortbonus für jeden geworbenen aktiven Kunden

Permanent 4% commission on heygold purchases by recruited persons

Permanent 8% commission on the gold nuggets that the person you refer collects

If the person you recruited in turn recruits a customer, you will receive 1% commission on the heygold purchased by this customer.

If the person you recruited in turn recruits a customer, you will receive 2% commission on the gold nuggets collected by this customer.

Successfully copied…

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