The heygold savings plan

Grow your gold holdings month by month
and thus lay the foundation for your financial security.


Register, set monthly gold savings amount and set up permanent transfer – that's how easy gold saving can be!


You're in control! The heygold savings plan can be adjusted, suspended and terminated at any time.


Benefit from the cost-average effect and use the heygold savings plan to minimize your investment risk!

Saving gold in just 3 steps


Create a free account at heygold in just two minutes!


Think about how much you want to invest in gold per month!


Set up a corresponding permanent transfer at your house bank!

No minimum term

Pause or cancel your savings plan at any time and with just a few clicks. The heygold savings plan has no minimum term

Customizable at any time

With the heygold savings plan you have full control. Adjust your monthly savings amount at any time and as often as you like

Individual savings

Beim heygold Sparplan kannst Du nicht nur den Sparbetrag frei bestimmen, sondern auch
Sondereinzahlungen vornehmen

Transferable free of charge

For your grandson, your daughter, your godson or for yourself… Save gold and benefit from the increasing value of this precious metal!

Benefit from the Cost Average effect

The cost average effect can reduce the risk of your gold investment. With the heygold savings plan you buy gold at regular intervals and thus invest at an average price.

Put simply: By not buying your gold at one or a few times, but at fixed monthly intervals, you can avoid particularly unfavorable entry points in the gold market. If the price rises, you will be happy about rich profits. If the price of gold falls, you will benefit from the low purchase price in the long run.

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